Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One is silver and the other GOLD

Recently, my very BEST Friend from high school came to pay me a visit. Ten years we've been the best of friends so it was fun for me to have her come all the way from windy Wyoming to play, show off my cute kids and did I mention PLAY?! She showered the kids with GIFTS, ...We went to the PHOENIX ZOO.... Here's Janalyn 'brushing' one of the goats at the petting zoo. She had just spent some time at the splash park and got SOAKED so yes, that is one of Jack's diapers and onesies she is sporting. Hey, I worked with what I had! I got many dirty looks from people when they saw my child running around Phoenix Zoo dressed this way...

We paid to ride the train through the zoo, which was SO worth it! Jennifer purchased us some of that splendid sugar-spun delight often refered to as COTTON CANDY, yum! That'll get Janalyn going!
Jennifer and I decided to attend one of the Fit n' Fab workout classes at the YMCA. We were not so FIT and FAB. Afterward we took the kids SWIMMING!

...went SHOPPING and to LUNCH and stayed up late watching FLICKS and remenicing about the days of NO RESPONSABILITY and wrapped it up with a quick run for PEDICURES. LOVE you Jen! I had a BLAST! See you again soon~

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Candis said...

oh looks like you guys had fun!