Monday, April 20, 2009

Egg-static about Easter!

Hello? Mom, Easter was SO last week!
I stink at this whole blog thing so just plan on checking for my updates weeks after any event.

Baby Jack just turned six months old this past Sunday the 19th. My baby boy is growing up so fast I can hardly stand it!

A few days before Easter, Mommy and Jana got the brilliant idea to have a tea party in Janalyn's room. So, we made a cake from scratch.....a CARROT CAKE!!! ...And we made little tea sandwhiches and a fruit and a veggie platter and had a JOLLY GOOD TIME!

Janalyn and Jack had fun dying Easter Eggies this year. Janalyn had a blast sticking stickers on each one while Jack just enjoyed sucking on the eggs. EEWWW!!!

Our pretty girl with her prized eggs, just before Uncle Scotty peeled and deviled them! You can see him standing by....

I've learned that it's pretty much impossible to get a picture of both kids smiling at the camera. And NO, not even jumping around and acting like a complete idiot helps one bit! Janalyn just looks at you like you're crazy, see? Jack liked it.

Happy Spring!
The forcast says it's going to be 102 degrees tomorrow. Where in the heck did spring go!?

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Candis said...

what a beautiful family! got your call right before we moved to NC. i'll give you a call soon i promise and we can catch up!