Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's been almost three years since I last blogged- THREE YEARS!!! Pathetic, I know, and a lot has happened in that time. Growing kids, a move BACK to Fort Hood, Texas, AND a new addition to our family! John just left on what will have been his second deployment since I last blogged. His last two tours were in Iraq, and this time, to Afghanistan. It seems like with each deployment, comes another baby. The first deployment to Iraq, John left me six months pregnant with our oldest, Janalyn.

Our second deployment, he left when Jack was almost eight months old...

Our little Kylie is 4 1/2 months old, and once again, he is deployed.

While it's never really easy, I like to think I'm 'going off to battle' my own little war every time he leaves. Only this time, I've decided It would be theraputic to blog about it. So this be my first post.

For some reason, deployment brings bad luck for us; and always come on a significant date. The day John was packing to leave for his first deployment, I was in the back room sick as a dog with food poisoning. Throwing your guts up when you're six months pregnant is no picnic. John left for that deployment on his birthday.

The second time he deployed, I spent the night before he left, in the ER with 8 month old Jack, strapped down to a papoose board, having his smashed finger drained of infection. Jack also caught the chicken pox that deployment ;) Fun times. John's departure date was on Fathers Day.

The day John packed for this deployment, I was sick with a virus. Not 48 hours after he left, I broke my middle toe- giving me a lovely shoe, a pair of crutches, and a 'take it easy, don't drive,' and 'do you have anyone who can come help out for a while?' (Thanks Mom, and Dad!) My sweetheart left two days before Valentines Day, of course.

I have three very cute, and VERY busy kids. I'm sure that they'll keep me on my toes and I'll probably want to break down a lot. I'll have days when I want to lay down in front of a train! But, I also know I can find joy in the journey and that what doesn't kill me, will only make me stronger!